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Leading calibration service provider of test instruments in UAE

Elcome provides calibration and certification services of all critical portable instruments and fixed systems. Our technical competence and compliance have been accredited to Quality Management System of DNV.

Loss of accuracy could potentially result in loss of life and reduced business profit. Get your test equipment and instruments calibrated periodically to prevent loss.

Professional calibration service

Our engineers and technicians have combined professional experience of more than 60 years in calibration and support. They are factory trained to perform and calibrate temperature, pressure, gas, and electrical systems, using master instruments designed by world’s leading manufacturers (M/s Fluke, M/s Dh Budenberg, M/s Mensor, and M/s Wika) with international traceability to national labs around the world (UKAS, NVLAP-NIST, and Dakks).

Market segments and applications

Navicom offers its calibration services to various applications and industries such as:

  • Marine, offshore, oil, and gas
  • Aerospace
  • Electro-mechanical and HVAC
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Refrigerated transport systems
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Chocolate and confectionary
  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Automotive industry

Quality standards of our lab

Our management system is approved and certified by DNV for conforming to standards of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007).
DNV ISO9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 


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Types of calibration services offered

Elcome Navicom Calibration Temperature Measurement Devices Calibration

Temperature measurement devices calibration

  • Digital thermometers
  • Glass thermometers
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • IR thermometers
  • Whirling hygrometer
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Refrigerated transport system
  • Ullage temperature interface detector
  • Temperature gauging system
  • Electrode drying oven
  • Temperature calibrators
  • Petroleum gauging thermometer
  • Freezer and chiller rooms

Elcome Navicom Calibration Electrical Test Instrument Calibration

Electrical test equipment calibration

  • Digital and analog multi meters
  • Ammeters
  • Frequency meters
  • Earth resistance meters
  • Resistance box
  • Digital and analog clamp meters
  • Voltmeters
  • Process meters
  • Pin hole detectors
  • High voltage testers


Elcome Navicom Calibration Gas Detection Instrument Calibration

Gas detection instrument calibration

  • By gas (Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxygen, toxic gas, inflammable gas)
  • Portable multi gas
  • Portable single gas
  • Fixed gas

Elcome Navicom Calibration Pressure Instruments Calibration

Pressure instruments calibration

  • Digital and analog pressure gauges
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Digital manometer
  • Airline gauges

Environmental, force and mass calibration

  • Lux meter
  • Anemometer
  • pH meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • Torque wrenches
  • Tacho meter
  • Weighing balance
  • Analytical weighing balance
  • Industrial weighing balance

Precision and dimension calibration

  • Digital and analog vernier caliper
  • Inside and outside micrometer
  • Dial gauges
  • Height gauges
  • Depth micrometer
  • Inclino meters
  • Try square
  • Measuring tape
  • Bore gauges
  • Bevel protractor

On-site calibration

  • Industrial and baking oven
  • Muffle furnaces
  • Chiller rooms and freezer rooms
  • Autoclaves
  • Panel meter
  • Gas detector