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Type approved radars

Elcome offers a wide range of magnetron type or solid state (S-band) radars in various scanner lengths and output power with normal or high speed configurations.


X-band and S-band radars

X-band offers greater resolution and detection of smaller targets, but is subject to interference from rain and seas. S-band radar has a longer range and less interface from rain and sea clutter, but has less sensitivity for small targets.

2 kW to 30 kW power

Available from 2 kW to 50 kW with X-Band or S-Band frequency, these models can be ordered with different speed configurations.

24 NM to 120 NM range

Radars available as standalone or as part of an Integrated Navigation System (INS), offers improved situational awareness. Models available with a maximum range of 24 NM to 120 NM.

Brands and models recommended


JMR-5400 Marine Radar

The new JMR-5400 series is equipped with a top-of-the-line processor available for both 19-inch and 26-inch monitors, remarkably improving short-range target detection and drawing performance alike.

ELCOME JRC JMR5400 Marine Radar

AlphaScan 5900

The new AlphaScan 5900 can be connected to the AlphaScreen 19-inch and 26-inch proprietary displays. Both displays are completely new following the latest standards and are developed in line with minimalistic design approach.

ELCOME JRC Alphatron Marine alphascan 5900 Radar displays

JMR-7200 and JMR-9200

JMR-7200 and JMR-9200 are based on MFD operating system and can be simply used as a basic radar, ECDIS or conning. From standalone models with 19-inch or 26-inch or 46-inch displays to black box configurations with JRC’s original QWERTY keyboard complete with all the interfacing necessary.

ELCOME JRC Radar MFD Display

Radar scanners

JRC offers a wide range of scanners. Available as a traditional magnetron type or solid state (S-band), low maintenance scanners, various scanner lengths and output power, normal or high speed, many variations are possible, to always have a solution at hand to fit your type of vessel.

X-Band scanners

  • 6ft 10kW high speed
  • 6ft 25kW
  • 7ft 25kW
  • 9ft 25kW

S-Band scanners

  • 8ft 250W solid state high speed
  • 12ft 250W solid state
  • 12ft 30kW
Radar ELCOME JRC Alphatron Marine Radar Scanner 1080px

MDC-2900 Series Marine Radar

Full ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) with True trail, map overlay, AIS interface and CFAR function. The radar has an independent operation unit, designed for easy access to all system functions. Black Box version is also available for owner-supplied SXGA monitor in landscape position.


  • MDC-2960/MDC-2960BB: 6 kW | 72 nm | 4 or 6 ft scanner
  • MDC-2910/MDC-2910BB: 12 kW | 72 nm | 4 or 6 ft scanner
  • MDC-2920/MDC-2920BB: 25 kW | 96 nm | 4 or 6 ft scanner
Radar ELCOME Koden Marine MDC2900 Radar 1080px

Synapsis Radar

Raytheon Anschutz radars provide advanced technology for efficient collision avoidance and highest standards of safety. The Synapsis Radars now feature the new NautoScan NX network radar transceivers. The new transceivers distribute the radar raw video via Ethernet to an unlimited number of radar workstations on the bridge (depending on network setup).

Synapsis Radars and Chart Radars comply with latest IMO regulations and requirements (incl. test standard IEC 62388 ED2). High resolution glass-front TFT displays available in 19″ and 26″ sizes, available as desktop or table top or blackbox configurations.

ELCOME Raytheon Anschutz Synapsis Radar Workstation

NautoScan NX Radar Transceiver

The NautoScan® NX network radar transceivers distribute the radar raw video via Ethernet to an unlimited number of radar workstations on the bridge (depending on network setup). Pedestal and electronics have been carefully re-designed using state-of-the art and maintenance-free technology to contribute to trouble-free installation, fast and easy servicing and finally optimized cost of ownership.


  • X-Band: 25 kW | Scanner size: 6 ft or 8 ft
  • S-Band: 30 kW | Scanner size: 12 ft
ELCOME Raytheon Anschuetz NautoScan NX Radar