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ELCOME JRC Alphatron Marine AIS Class A JHS183

Critical safety and survival solutions

As the official distributor and authorized service center of RFD liferafts, we can equip your vessel with its life raft needs through product supply or a rental agreement.

Types of liferafts

  • Surviva (6 to 25 persons capacity)
  • Surviva self righting (25 & 35 persons capacity)
  • Surviva reversible (50 & 100 persons capacity)
  • Ferryman (25/30/37, 50/65, 100/130 persons capacity)

Rental agreements

Our life raft rental program provides a simple and hassle-free process. By choosing a rental exchange contract with servicing costs built-in, there is no capital investment required.

Unmatched after-market solution

RFD offers unmatched after-market solutions including the largest service network available across key ports and locations globally.

Extensive approved range

We offer extensive life raft range for varying needs. Liferafts, designed and manufactured by RFD are known for its longevity, quality, and manufacturing excellence. MED approved liferafts are available from 6 persons to 130 persons capacity.

Brands and models recommended



MED Surviva liferafts, stowed in lightweight and streamlined GRP containers, enable maximum deck space utilization.

  • Available with ‘A’ and ‘B’ emergency pack configuration.
  • Available in Davit Launch and Throw Over (cylindrical or flat) options.
  • Fully insulated floor to ensure maximum thermal protection.
  • Fully enclosed double-skinned high-visibility canopy complete with retro-reflective tape.
  • Non-inflatable easy access boarding ramp.
  • High volume water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflating.
  • Canopy fitted with LED light ensuring maximum visibility.


  • 6 to 25 persons (throw over)
  • 12 to 25 persons (davit launch)
Cobham Sailor 6280 6281 Class A AIS

Surviva Self-righting (SRL)

The 25 and 35 man Surviva self-righting throw over and davit launch liferafts are manufactured to the highest quality standards, constructed using a double-coated corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber for durability, and stowed in a cylindrical container for ease of use.

  • Fully enclosed-high-visibility canopy complete with retro reflective tape.
  • Non-inflatable easy access boarding ramp.
  • Fitted with external and internal lighting to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Complete with A or B type emergency packs which conform to SOLAS regulations.


  • 25 and 35 persons (throw over or davit launch)
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Surviva Reversible (SR)

The canopied fully reversible inflatable liferaft conforms to Resolution MSC.81 (70) of the IMO. It also meets ISO 15738:2002 (MED) (JG) (TC) specifications, as required in gas inflation systems for inflatable life-saving appliances. The 50-person Surviva is ideal for use with the Slide MES. The 100-person consists of 2 x 50-person liferafts packed in the same container and connected for maximum capacity.

  • Two super-imposed buoyancy chambers provide a high freeboard.
  • Suspended floor in between two buoyancy chambers.
  • Self-erecting canopy operated by a shuttle-like action provided by its own buoyancy.
  • Robust weather protection provided by a canopy regardless of the liferaft deployment method.
  • Each liferaft is furnished with boarding facilities, external and internal lighting, lifelines, adrogue (sea anchor) and a rescue line as well as other necessary items of equipment.


  • 50 and 100 persons
ELCOME Koden Class A


Ferryman open reversible liferaft (ORL) combines forward-thinking design with over 90-years of unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the marine safety industry.

Designed specifically for passenger vessels operating in coastal and inland waterways, and for high-speed craft, the fully open and reversible RFD Ferryman Liferaft remains the industry’s premium ORL.

  • Manufacturerd from durable polyurethane-coated nylon material.
  • Lead weighted water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflated.
  • Highly visible retro-reflective strips.
  • Fitted with lights for night detection.
  • Stowed in lightweight GRP containers with multiple container options available.
  • Can be packed with either an ‘E’, ‘HSC’ or ‘SOLAS B’ type emergency pack.
  • Easy access boarding ramps located around the liferaft


  • 25/30/37, 50/65, 100/130 persons
ELCOME Raymarine AIS950 Class A