AutroSafe 3 and BS-100 are obsolete and no longer supported

Autronica announced “end of life” for AutroSafe 3 fire alarm control panels and BS-100 analogue addressable systems.

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Phase out

Following the announcement of phased discontinuation of AutroSafe 3 since 2016, Autronica confirmed that these popular and widely deployed systems would cease to be supported with replacement parts and associated equipment going forward.

Old systems still work solid as a rock

Understandably, many vessel owners continue to use the old analogue addressable BS-100 detectors with interactive AutroSafe 3 systems for their fire & gas detection as they continue to perform effectively.

What risks our safety?

As the system and detector heads are no longer manufactured or supported by Autronica, it will not always be possible for us and other service providers to complete a system fix or replace important working parts in the event of a problem or system failure.

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List of obsolete systems, products and components

AutroSafe 4

Proven, reliable and now even better

The new and improved AutroSafe 4 is designed for the toughest requirements and expands the possibilities of a fire detection system even further. The system is designed to meet all requirements in the high-end segment of the onshore, maritime and offshore market, and is certified according to Marine Equipment Directive (MED), European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance, and Factory Mutual (FM) approval according to NFPA 72.

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Flexible upgrade options

Upgrade gradually or all at once


Upgrade only fire panels

In case, the detectors are of a newer date or in a satisfying state, the replacement of panels could be a good enough solution.


Upgrade fire panel & detectors

Upgrade fire panel and detector of one or multiple loops. Gradual upgrade of the detectors, while keeping the existing cabling system.


Complete replacement

Complete replacement of detectors, panels and communication with minimum downtime to the new AutroSafe 4, which is twice secure.