Electronics service

Elcome provides re-engineering and component-level support for industrial electronics and COTS products which are obsolete and not supported by OEMs. Our state-of-the-art engineering laboratory in Dubai, the only kind of it in G.C.C. region, supports customers from all industries and sectors for the legacy and obsolete electronics.

Specialized in lifecycle extension and sustainment of electronics

We are fully competent with service capabilities for obsolete and legacy components to support your product lifecycle extension and sustainment programs. Our capabilities include component level repair on all PCBs (single layer, multi-layer boards, SMDs, simple instrumentation circuit to complex microprocessor based boards).

100% success rate on electronics rehabilitation

Our fully equipped engineering lab together with our experienced professionals can repair, rehabilitate and even upgrade board circuit and systems, which have reached the end of product-life and the end of service-life provided by OEM.