Koden awards Elcome as the world best partner

Elcome has been recognised by Koden as The World Best Partner

Elcome has been selected as The World Best Partner by Koden Electronics Co., Ltd. We are excited about our sales performance in 2013 that helped us to obtain this remarkable recognition from the leading Japanese manufacturer for fishing and commercial shipping equipment.

Elcome has been the official distributor and service partner for Koden for more than 25+ years in UAE. Our Managing Director, Mr. Kuldip Grewal, received the award from Mr. Masakazu Mas Yamauchi and stated:

“Koden is a popular brand in the maritime industry and well known for it’s innovative products that are designed and manufactured in Japan for the harshest marine environment. Our customers highly regard that Koden stands for function with a world-wide network of after-sales support and spares. We hope to continue and improve our performance in the coming years in line with our business expansion plans.”

We would like to thank our customers, friends at Koden, and our staff for the remarkable achievement.