ELCOME Sertec CMCE Marine Lightning Prevention Protection System

Elcome named distributor for CMCE Sertec Marine lightning prevention systems

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Aug. 25, 2020  – Elcome International today announced that it has been appointed exclusive distributor for the CMCE Sertec Marine deionizing lightning prevention systems in certain Middle East countries.

Under the agreement, Elcome will have responsibility for sales, engineering, consulting, installation, commissioning, maintenance, service and technical support for CMCE Sertec Marine in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

The CMCE Sertec Marine lightning suppressor, derived from discoveries of Nikola Tesla in 1916, practically eliminates direct lightning impacts on protected structures by 99 percent through the deionization of electrostatic charge. Unlike a conventional lightning rod, it works by preventing the formation of lightning.

The passive sensor system is designed to balance and deionize the effects of atmospheric phenomena through multiple compensators, generating a protective shield in its coverage area, neutralizing the lightning and draining the electric charges to Earth in harmless milliamperes.

“The CMCE Sertec Marine product line includes a range of systems tailored for vessels of all types, ranging from small pleasure craft and marine buoys to full-size cargo ships, military vessels and oil rigs as well as land-based facilities,” said Jimmy Grewal, executive director of Elcome International. “This advanced lightning protection technology is an important addition to our portfolio of high-tech marine product offerings.”

“Elcome is a welcome addition to our worldwide distribution network,” said Arnando Chifarelli, president of Sertec SRL.“The company has a well-deserved reputation for its superior technical capabilities and service.”

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