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High-End Electronics Package for Next-Generation Al Rubban Marine Sport Fishing Boats

New-build project

Elcome recently outfitted two V-hull sport fishing boats for Al Rubban Marine in Dubai. Elcome was contracted to be the primary supplier of electronics suite on what may be the next generation of sport fishing boats.

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Al Rubban Marine

Al Rubban Marine is a well-established boat builder with ties to the powerboat-racing world. Their boats are known for speed, maneuverability, and a high level of craftsmanship. Based in Dubai, Al Rubban Marine manufactures one of the best step-hull boats in the Middle East.

Al Rubban Marine was founded by the late Mr. Jaber Mohammad Jaber Al Tayer, and is currently headed by its co-partner Mr. Saif Mohammad Jaber Al Tayer.

Al Rubban’s Prospects

The client wanted to outfit two boats—a 40’ and 45’ step-hull sport fisher. These boats are what Al Rubban believes will be the next generation of sport fishing boats, so they had to represent the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship.

Along with very demanding requirements, Al Rubban gave Elcome great latitude in the actual design and equipment solution. Understanding that our proposal had to be of the highest quality and able to withstand the demands of the sport fishing environment, our engineering team pushed the edge of the envelope to provide a turnkey electronics solution that met or exceeded all of the client’s expectations.

Design a Button-Free, Fully Automated Center Console Bridge

  • Design and supply an integrated bridge with electrical and resistive loads incorporated into navigation systems for the center console
  • Engine controls, complete sensor data, and augmented reality to be integrated into the button-free bridge
Al Rubban Marine Sportfishing boat V-Hull Raymarine radar and flir thermal camera

The Elcome Proposal

After careful consideration of the options available and taking into account the rigorous environment in which they would perform, the Elcome team proposed the following equipment solution:

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System Specifications

  • 19” Axiom XL multi-function displays for the center console
  • Cyclone Pro open array radar (110W) 4′
  • RVX1000 fish finder module for high-performance fishing
  • Automated Identification System (AIS700)
  • Ray90 VHF radio system
  • YachtSense modular digital control system for boat automation

Coupled with this high-performance equipment package, Elcome also proposed to:

  • Connect electrical and mechanical resistive loads to a fully digital switching system
  • Connect the engine data and engine parameters to the Raymarine multi-function displays
  • Provide augmented reality with CAM220 (day/night camera) and FLIR M364C LR thermal camera (for night navigation)
  • Interface Lumitech Poco lighting system with Raymarine YachtSense digital switching system

Project Scope

Elcome installed and commissioned a comprehensive vessel operation and navigation platform with fish-finding features. The center-console mounting of the displays blends seamlessly with the lines of the boat creating a user-friendly cockpit that is also aesthetically pleasing.

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The Elcome Solution

The Elcome package met all of the customer’s specifications and provided many extra features as a result of the intelligent programming on the Raymarine system which can provide:

  •  AIS with targeting and danger alarms
  • Anchor alarms
  • Radar with MARPA and Guard Zone for enhanced safety
  • Slew to Cue feature on the FLIR camera
  • Augmented reality for:
    • Waypoints
    • Chart objects
    • AIS objects through CAM220 and FLIR cameras
  • Three (3) modes of operation for digital switching:
    • Day
    • Night
    • Cruising

Sea Trial

Following installation, Elcome assisted Al Rubban Marine with commissioning and sea trials. After extensive open-water testing and several productive fishing trips, the integrated navigation bridge and YachtSense digital switching system performed flawlessly and provided many unanticipated benefits. Al Rubban commented that “the combination of our vessel design and Elcome’s vessel navigation and automation platform will set an entirely new standard in the sport fishing world.”

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Step-Hull Sport Fishing Boat

Sport Fishing in Style

With Elcome’s offering of innovative electronics and intelligent programming, the Al Rubban Marine sport fishing boats are superbly equipped not only to operate the vessel safely and efficiently, but also to provide a definite edge as well for its mission of locating and landing trophy fish.

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Elcome Raymarine Flir Al Rubban Marine

Systems and Equipment Used in the Project


Axiom XL display is a blazing fast quad core processor that delivers a responsive and powerful all-in-one big screen navigation experience. Display uses in-plane switching technology (IPS) and Raymarine optical bonding to deliver wider viewing angles, sharp contrast, and unmatched readability in bright sun.

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Cyclone PRO (110W)

Solid state open array Cyclone radars deliver superior target separation and long-range resolution using CHIRP pulse compression and Raymarine beam sharpening technology. Each model features innovative detection capabilities, including Cyclone Bird Mode, RangeFusion technology and high speed 60 rpm imaging.

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RVX1000 Module

The RVX1000 offers all of the sonar performance and features of Raymarine Axiom Pro in a remotely mounted black box sonar module. With Raymarine’s award winning RealVision 3D sonar technology, CHIRP Side and DownVision, plus a high powered 1kW dual channel CHIRP sonar, the RVX1000 is a versatile sonar solution for both inshore and offshore fishing.

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Ray90 VHF Radio

Raymarine’s fixed mount Ray90 modular VHF radio brings multi-station communications to a whole new level of power, performance, and flexibility. The Ray90 is a black-box design with a transceiver that hides out of sight while the ergonomic RayMic handset and remote speaker provide full control of the radio with crystal clear audio.

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AIS 700

The AIS700 from Raymarine is a Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) transceiver with a built-in antenna splitter.

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YachtSense Digital Switching

Yachtsense™ by Raymarine is an advanced digital control system affording complete command and control of a vessels electrical systems. The modular design and industry leading safety features represent the future of marine automation.

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FLIR M364C LR Thermal Camera

The M364C LR is equipped with a high definition visible camera with 30x optical zoom and gyro-stabilisation for exceptional long-range target identification.

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45′ Stepped-Hull

Sport Fishing Boat

By Al Rubban Marine

40′ Stepped-Hull

Sport Fishing Boat

By Al Rubban Marine