Pains Wessex Lifeboat Distress Kit

From: AED 1,050.00 excl. VAT

Note: The Pains Wessex Large Polybottle is optional. Check the “Add” box to add this to your kit.

Pains Wessex Para Red Rocket MK8A × 4

The Para Red Rocket is a long range aerial distress signal.

AED 130.00 excl. VAT each

Pains Wessex Red Handflare MK8 × 6

For use by day or night, the Red Handflare is a short range distress signal used to pinpoint position when a potential rescuer is sighted.

AED 45.00 excl. VAT each

Pains Wessex Lifesmoke MK9 × 2

The Lifesmoke is a buoyant, compact daylight distress signal designed to provide effective position marking during rescue operations. It can also be used to indicate wind direction.

AED 130.00 excl. VAT each

Pains Wessex Large Polybottle (Optional)

Robust and buoyant containers which are the ideal solution for storing distress flares.